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According to ASHA, the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association, over 15,000 audiologists and 157,000 speech pathologists are celebrating in May across the nation. Why? It’s Better Hearing and Speech Month! All ages are affected by speech and hearing disorders. May is a special time to focus on the communication challenges of people with […]

Happy May, Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month

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Workplace incivility is a big problem everywhere, not just in the nursing profession! Incivility is defined as rude or unsociable speech or behavior. Someone cuts in front of you while you’ve been waiting in line forever, a cashier who ignores you when you say hello, or perhaps the coworker who […]

Workplace Incivility: The Slow Death of the Nursing Profession

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We are excited to announce the release of the first module in the Focus on Hearing Loss course series. The series is broken into different modules that explore the mechanics of hearing, hearing loss, prevention, communication techniques, and treatment options to help improve the quality of care you provide to your […]

New Course! Focus on Hearing Loss. The Invisible Disability

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The Value of Nursing Education As a clinical nurse and an educator for many years, I have consistently communicated to my students the value of continuing their education, whether that means getting an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, or even a doctoral degree. Usually they look at […]

Advancing Your Nursing Degree – new book for nurses and ...

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Lesley and I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday season, regardless of what holiday you are celebrating. This year, it’s nice to have Christmas and Hanukkah together because in my house we celebrate both. Celebrating Hanukkah, we just love the latkes and brisket, the lighting of the […]

Make Your Holidays Happy and Your New Year’s Resolutions Realistic

I had a call the other day from one of our students who had a question about one of the test yourself activities in our infection control course. If you’ve taken one of our courses, you know that our elearning design is much different from other providers. We design courses to […]

Drag and drop for the holidays